The Masterservant

Outside time, there, lives the Masterservant
Nothing moves him, and he moves nothing
Always idle in his activities
Arisen as an expression of his separate energies
Overseeing himself with his million eyes Without owning one
Nothing however escapes his external memory,
Every particle knows it by its composition, its quantity,
The properties in regard to the balance of the cosmic space
The difference between living mater and dead mater is me
Without being part of it myself.
Scientific research on matter, both living and dead
In the end finds no difference.
The inorganic matter swarm with life
Loosing at best but one inhabitant
My home is large; no one knows where he goes
He made the moving arrangements.
His wish, I will fulfill for it is my compound side.
Be aware that each wish, conscious
Or unconscious will be carried out to perfection
For perfection I am.
The one who knows me, knows that my eyes watch him
Wherever he goes
With my million ears I listen to your questions
And to those looking for me,
I am the mouth That informs, to the appropriate extent
Look around you, and see my many bodies
In all sorts and all shapes
All own their intellect in respect to the whole
When undisturbed, since itís a sustainable community
Inside, every being prizes its life, as you are to yours.
All have their function, as the limbs of your body
Serve your mouth when you feel hungry.
So they serve the whole for a perfect gear of nature.
What it brings you is given in exchange for your submission
Which you give by serving it,
So you serve my external shape, and thus me.
All beings are equal. Those however serving me spontaneously,
I will give the wealth of knowledge, and will serve in return
Spontaneously for as long as time will be.
Then, they will be a part of me until the day
I will recreate time.
See, I am the servant and the master.

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Picture: Presentation origin (concept) static intelligence in matter as master. Mouse on the picture is as birth: Presentation second origin (birth) dynamic intelligence in matter as servant. The outward appearance of the Masterservant reveals itself and is experienced as long as there is life.